Incident Response

Collect and protect digital evidence, perform analysis after hacking, and recover deleted files.

Incident Response (CERT, CSIRT)

How CERT (Computer Incident Response Team), also known as CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), will help in situations where a security incident has already occurred. Advise how to approach the problem, get the expected results and conduct a reliable analysis of the event. Our team will provide comprehensive services ranging from proper data protection to analysis and the provision of a final report with conclusions. This will help customers protect data on their own.

Computer Forensics

We offer cyber security expert forensics services related to cyber security, which means DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response).

Incident analysis

We analyze IT systems after they have been hacked. We will help gather evidence, determine how the attack occurred, what operations were performed by intruders.

Log, disk, RAM and network analysis

We perform all types of analysis on hard drives, logs (for example, Windows events), memory dumps and network traffic.

Secure data erasure

In case customers want to safely remove sensitive data from an intact hard drive, we can help. This service can be used in cases such as decommissioning of an old storage facility and its subsequent installation for sale. After this process, no one will be able to recover data from disk even with the help of digital forensics tools.

The fight against corporate espionage

We help clients identify acts of corporate espionage if there is a suspicion that competitors or fraudsters are trying to reveal the secrets of the company.