RedTeam is a group of professionals in a team. The composition includes specialists from all areas of knowledge. These are programmers, system administrators, developers, hackers, as well as psychologists and marketers, many others depending on the purpose.

Activities RedTeam

The level of training is extreme. Each team member is a master of his industry of knowledge. This is the main criterion for selecting project participants.

RedTeam is essentially a hacker group with great potential. The focus of activity distinguishes RedTeam from intruders. We can draw an analogy with weapons. One thing can become a weapon of destruction, and can be a means of reliable protection, being in different hands. It all depends on how to use it. The group works only in the field of information security. Conducts testing, examines data transmission networks, detects vulnerabilities, gives recommendations for elimination, conducts training of personnel specialists.

RedTeam Tools

For work, the group uses sets of frameworks (useful programs and tools). These are Cobalt Strike, Metasploit, Social Toolkit and others. More details can be found on the group’s website, in the training section. There are several own laboratories, in different countries, for experiments with changing environmental conditions. The aggregate group of servers used by RedTeam allows you to scan the whole world in minutes.

RedTeam Services

All work performed is designed only to ensure the information security of customers.

Checking the burglar resistance of the organization, server, individual computer, mobile phone, website, application. Identification of vulnerabilities, recommendations for their elimination.

Training of specialists. For organizations that need the safe transfer, storage, use of information, RedTeam provides training, with subsequent support and professional development.

Private tuition. For those who want to develop in the field of information technology, the RedTeam team conducts individual training, with the possibility of subsequent participation in the group.